KANAGAWA Overseas Technical Trainee 2019 Report

Thanks to Kanagawa Prefectural Government and JECK for a good opportunity for me in the training.
** About training program **
5-8 November 2019 I joined Japan Water Works Association General Assembly and Research Conference 2019 in Hakodate and got knowledge for example Genetic Investigation on 2-MIB Producing Cyanobacteria in Water Source River, Bemos Project Improvement of Non Water Supply Area in Timor-Leste, Research on Direct Filtration Treatment for an Improvement of Water Quality Supplying from Reservoirs, Fish Monitoring bioassay system, Automatic Water Quality Monitor and tap water pipe protector.
11-15 November, 3-6 December 2019 studied about Microplastics Laboratory, read microplastics' s research made presentation and presented by Japanese language at Kanto Gakuin University.
18-29 November 2019 Water quality trained at Nishiya water treatment plant. Visited to Sagami lake, Sagami dam, Sagamihira, Kawai purification plant and sludge treatment plant in Yokohama.
2 December 2019 Visited to Asaka water treatment plant in Tokyo with Kamata sensei.
9-13 December 2019 Trained at Wide Area Water Quality Center (KANAGAWA WATER SUPPLY AUTHORITY). I learned a lot of water treatment process, technical for collected water sample in the river and water quality control included physical chemicals and microbiological. I used many equipments and instruments for example pH meter, UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, thermometer, turbidity meter, chlorine meter radioactivity meter, GC-MS, IC, TOC, microscope and Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) also I made laboratory experimentation.
17-24 December, 6-31 January, 10-29 February, 3-6 March 2020 In laboratory of Kanto Gakuin University, I used FT-IR microscope for analysis microplastics in sample for example tea bag, plastic net, artificial glass, sediment, face washing foam etc., it rather long experimentation.
24 January 2020 Joined to seminar about microplastics' s topic held by Japan Society on Water Environment (JSWE) with Kamata sensei.I got knowledge about microplastics in the world until method of microplastic analysis.
3-7 February 2020 Trained at Takakura laboratory in Metawater learned jar test of suspended water using new super basicity coagulants and presented to Metawater head office on 26 February 2020.
13 February 2020 Visited to Sano for observed washing pipe by AQUAPIG ball with Kamata sensei.
** About activities and relationships **
I really to say thank you Yoshida-sensei he intends to teach, explained, gave many homework and quiz to me. I will try to continue learning Japanese also Thanks Sakaguchi- san from JOCA for take care of us. In Kanto Gakuin University I have younger friend and my teacher so kind they were gentleman it's so good communication, had welcome party for me I gave and get more snacks also gave new year`s present and souvenirs to them.
I participated in Para-sport (Boccia and Rolling Volleyball) held by Future Creation Fujisawa. And also participated video shooting of Kanagawa Prefecture’s promotion video.
I joined One World Day Festival and New Year Party at Ebina City for met Ebina citizens, I and friends had dance show and conversation with nice staffs, Kanagawa's peoples who took video shooting.
I went to Maruyama san's home to learn paper art (Chigiri-picture) and cooking Japanese food such as Onigiri, Japanese omelet. This event was conducted by Ebina International Society (EIS). That is another happy day because EIS is so kind. They welcomed us to their own house to join the activity.
In Nishiya water treatment plant my coworkers very nice and so kind. They intent to teach me, invited me to be played badminton in after lunch, gave many snacks and supported me everything. I had after training party, so I gave souvenirs gift to them.
After I Visited to Asaka water treatment plant with Kamata sensei. We had conversation with water work staffs (engineering, lawyer, scientist and manager) at restaurant.
In Wide Area Water Quality Center just trained for one week but I got real friend in Japan now we still contacted via LINE and E-mail. I felt everyone nicely and kindly they intent to teach me although had a little language problem, invited me to be joined after training party, gave many snacks so I gave back souvenirs gift from Thailand to them.
I participated in Kamakura, Enoshima, Kawasaki adaishi and Ofuna Kannoji temple supported by JOCA.

                Nishiya Water Treatment Plant        Metawater Company
            Wide Area Water Quality Center (Kanagawa Water Supply Authority)
               Kanto Gakuin University          Japanese Class
               JECK          Ebina International Society (EIS)

                          Weesuda Chaloeythit
                            KANAGAWA Overseas Technical Trainee 2019
                            Scientist (Chemist)
                            Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA)